Construction Management

We accompany your construction project from the original idea to completion.

Transparent, efficient and solution-oriented construction management

Our construction management services are designed to meet the full range of objectives of your real estate investment, create an effective basis for your decision-making and ensure efficient implementation of the project. Our shared success is based on mutual trust. Whether you are dealing with a single construction project or developing an entire portfolio: we handle several hundred construction management projects a year and are therefore the ideal choice for you.

Added value for you

Our specialists dedicate themselves to tackling a wide variety of challenges across the entire property life cycle every day. And you also benefit from this experience in the construction planning and consultation phases. We will be happy to support you with process optimisation, planning law and tax issues. As our ranks include experts on every aspect of a real estate cycle, we can also offer you services such as marketing as well as facility, property or centre management.

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