Tailor-made project management for select real estate projects.

The real estate industry is constantly confronted with new challenges related to changes in consumer, lifestyle and work behaviour. Mastering these requires innovative ideas and creative solutions, which has led Wincasa to establish the Solutions & Innovations department.

Individual and tailored.

Established in January 2019 by Jörg Engeler, the department focuses on the development, management and implementation of selected real estate projects that cannot be managed as part of the day-to-day business. The range of services includes assessments of uses, suitability and potential rental income, as well as solutions for (re)positioning and revitalization of properties. Depending on the assignment, specialists draw on expertise from their respective areas of responsibility at our company, together forming an integral in-house project team. The result is an individual and tailored taskforce that will assist you from the design phase to planning through to implementation.

Your added value.

The Wincasa Solutions & Innovations team is a small but dynamic group. So you can benefit directly from a flexible and agile way of working. Your added value is our broad network in the retail and real estate sector. We are also characterized by a high level of interaction with project partners and look at the case at hand before assuming a function. This can change in the course of a project, spanning the range of project manager, sub-project manager, challenger or coach.

Solutions & Innovations