Sites have complex property management requirements and a distinct brand and community that must be managed. As a professional real estate service provider with a broad service spectrum, we bring this expertise with us.

Mixed-use sites usually stand for a strong community with an interplay of work, living, leisure and recreation as well as knowledge, education, events and culture. They are often selectively complemented by retail and gastronomy. This constellation requires innovative and strategic brand management skills.

Mixed-use site management – a new kind of expertise.

We offer mixed-use site management in an independent department that exclusively deals with such mixed uses.  This includes the operation before and after the conversion of sites up to urban management. This modern type of management and marketing of mixed-use sites takes into account the fact that the residential, office and commercial markets increasingly have to be considered together.

Diversity requires expertise and know-how.

Mixed-use site management goes beyond traditional commercial and technical management. Our teams can be flexibly equipped with specific competencies that the site currently demands. A solid commercial and technical building management is often the basis.  Together with you as the owner, the site managers define the strategy and ensure proactive site development on an ongoing basis. But we can also support you during the development phase, whether with transaction or marketing matters, construction issues or interim uses. Depending on the needs of the site, our team can be expanded with marketing specialists, client representatives and scouts.

Your added value.

Our goal is to ensure a comprehensive and proactive management of your site. As a real estate service provider with a broad service spectrum, we offer extensive expertise and services across the entire property life cycle and can tailor this to any situation. Our mixed-use site management is aimed at investors and tenants for whom a high level of service quality is not a requirement, but a matter of course. Today, properties with a high frequency such as shopping centres have similar requirements. We also offer this dynamic service for sites.

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