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Shopping centres – brand management at the highest level

Satisfied customers and increased turnover

To achieve optimal profits, we make sure the customer base is satisfied. We do this through intelligent space planning, an attractive mix of industries and spaces that are comfortable, clean and safe. So your tenants can focus entirely on their core business. Our specialists handle shopping centre management, finding the tenants, commercial and technical property management and marketing for the shopping centre.

Your added value

Our centre management is aimed at investors and tenants for whom a high level of service quality is not an aspiration but an expectation. We help you continually optimise your shopping centre and keep assessing the real estate strategy used to ensure the right positioning. We also offer overarching services that go beyond the conventional management role. These include sustainability studies, appropriate revitalisation measures and creative marketing activities.

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Wincasa is the only real estate service provider in Switzerland that offers ideal services in the field of centre management in every region of the country. We support you from planning and site selection to the construction and opening of your shopping centre. Alongside this, our national team of specialists ensures smooth operation of the shopping centre and tends to the needs of the tenants and their customers, guaranteeing successful brand management.

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