We take care of all your VAT needs!

As the leading provider of high-quality real estate management services, we have the right answers and solutions for you, even when it comes to challenging questions about value-added tax (VAT). Our services include the comprehensive VAT management of real estate: from changes of ownership and determination of VAT volumes to the calculation of complex changes in usage and input tax adjustments.

Practical VAT support.

Our VAT specialists provide you with professional support in handling complex VAT issues. Alongside determining VAT-relevant sales, we calculate input tax adjustments and optimise your cash flow by reclaiming input tax for challenging construction projects. We advise you on the optimisation of VAT in connection with changes of ownership or the optioning of properties. Our specialists have an overview of the increasingly complex VAT regulations in the real estate sector and thus prevent the emergence of tax risks. We guide you through tax audits by the Federal Tax Administration.

Your added value.

Take the weight of VAT off your mind! Thanks to our internal specialists, your real estate portfolio will be comprehensively managed by us and we make sure it is transparent and optimised from a VAT perspective. We will be happy to provide more information about our VAT services.