Efficient and cost-optimised facility management solutions aimed at the entire lifecycle of a property.

The profitability of your property depends to a large extent on sustained value retention and optimised operating costs. On the basis of strategic and operational analyses and studies, we show you how you can increase and optimise the profitability of your property over the long term with our operational facility management. We advise, plan, procure and monitor across all stages based on our practical experience of construction and property management. This makes us the ideal partner for your project.

Foresight and practical experience.

Flexibility of use, optimal technology, clearly defined processes and services as well as individual support are key success factors in the long-term profitability of your property. That is why our specialists take care of operational issues early on in the planning and construction phase. In this way, we ensure a smoothless transition from building law to tenancy law, as well as the optimisation of ongoing operations.

Your added value.

Analysis of properties across the entire lifecycle not only helps us to present you with the best technical solution, it also allows us to incorporate long-term value retention and value enhancement of your property into our strategic consulting. Thanks to our experienced team of 920 employees in various service areas, we have the right answer to almost every question, such as operating costs and budgets to implementation questions, service procurement or long-term industry trends.

Strategic facility management at Wincasa