Sustainability at Wincasa – the full perspective

Sustainability anchored within the group

At Wincasa, we strongly believe that long-term business success can only be accomplished through sustainable action. Sustainability is often only seen from an ecological standpoint. However, it is not enough to merely focus on the aspect of environmental protection.

Our corporate sustainability strategy takes the following aspects into account simultaneously and in equal measure, both as the Swiss Prime Site Group on a group level and as Wincasa as a group company:

  • Ecological responsibility
  • Economic responsibility
  • Social responsibility


Demonstrating our leadership

In order to live up to the pioneering role anchored in our vision – to be the leading property service provider in Switzerland –

and uphold our own corporate values, our goal is to spearhead sustainability in the real estate sector and take it as far as we possibly can.

In coordination with the Swiss Prime Site sustainability compass, which applies to the group as a whole, we at Wincasa have launched the Sustainability Charter, which will be published on an annual basis. The Sustainability Charter is a roadmap featuring targets, measures and key figures with which we will guide and evaluate our actions.

Our objective is not merely to avoid all negative effects in each of these segments, but rather to make a positive difference in all three: economy, ecology and social.

We want to make sure that our employees, customers and business partners share the same understanding of sustainability and act accordingly.



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