Wincasa breaks new ground in property management

Switzerland's leading property service provider is breaking new ground in property management with its innovative target operating model. In order to provide its services in an even more needs-oriented manner, Wincasa is separating its property management into residential and commercial and reorganising its teams - for the benefit of tenants, property owners and employees. By the end of 2025, 18 walk-in locations for residential tenants and eight locations for commercial tenants will be opened across Switzerland.

With the new Target Operating Model (TOM), Wincasa is paving the way for even more needs-orientated and usage-based management. The real estate service provider is separating the management of residential and commercial properties spatially and organisationally and professionalising the two areas. "The aim of the TOM project is to implement an operating model that covers today's management requirements," explains Philipp Schoch, Head of Property Management at Wincasa. He and his team have worked intensively on this over the past five years. The clear distinction between residential and commercial properties, which benefits both tenants and owners as well as employees, is reflected above all in Wincasa's new network of locations and the newly created functions and job profiles.

Personal contact points for tenants of flats

In the residential sector, Wincasa will open a total of 18 walk-in locations across Switzerland where tenants and other stakeholders such as suppliers can visit unannounced. If tenants have a question about a new tenancy agreement or want to report damage, for example, they will now also have a physical point of contact - in addition to the well-established digital channels such as the Wincasa Home tenant app or telephone customer service. Following the successful pilot project in the Claraturm Basel, all 18 residential locations will gradually go live by the end of 2025.

Proactive and competent advice for commercial tenants

Wincasa's commercial professionals will take care of the management of commercial properties at eight other locations. "Unlike residential properties, commercial properties are more complex, have long-term tenancy agreements and vacancies that are more significant," explains Philipp Schoch. This requires proven specialists who provide highly professional support to commercial tenants in all phases of the management process. The job profiles have been honed accordingly and employees have been trained - especially for their marketing tasks.

Exciting career opportunities for employees

The innovative management model opens up exciting career opportunities for Wincasa employees. There is now not only a distinction between residential and commercial property managers. Instead, new functions such as technical managers, letting specialists and site managers will be added, who will lead their teams with a new, team-orientated approach. Last but not least, the teams are given more responsibility, which in turn strengthens loyalty to the company and employee satisfaction. In this way, TOM is also helping to position Wincasa as a modern, attractive employer and counteract the shortage of skilled labour.

Measurable success for the owners

Performance is measured in real time at all locations and important key figures - such as vacancy rates in the properties - are displayed on a dashboard. "This allows the entire team to see at a glance how their location is performing and where they may need to take countermeasures," says Philipp Schoch. The new management model should also deliver measurable success for the property owners.

Picture: Walk-in location Wincasa Wohnen in Wallisellen

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